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different techniques to making money onlilne

Below are 10 blogs about mlm online marketing for your reading enjoyment. I blog so that I might advertise for google adsense, Alice paydotcom, as seen on tv, vegas trips, chocolate, affiliate junction, commission junction,
kontera and yieldbuild, clickbank products, clickbooth, etc....I have to now put this comment in my blog, as the us government demands that anyone advertizing for
companies on the web must do so. So please read up, and click on some advertizing links...thanks hipriestess4u

How would you like to make money quickly? I don’t mean next month or next year - I mean today! In fact, you could make more money today than most people make all week, and you could do it quickly and easily! Yes, you have the potential to quickly and easily make all the money that you want!

In America there’s a strong belief that it takes years and years of hard work to earn enough money to be comfortable. Nowadays people are starting to learn that the old-time mentality just isn’t true! Think about it… you work forty to sixty hour weeks until you’re sixty-four and at retirement age. Your youth is gone, wasted on day-to-day drudgery with only one purpose – make someone else rich!

A C.E.O. at a major electronic appliance company recently retired. According to the company’s budget report, his yearly salary was $3,000,000.00 a year… and every year he also received a $12,000,000.00 bonus! How much would you reckon the employees on the assembly line were making? Take away the safety net of Social Security - which is currently dying a slow death - and it quickly becomes apparent that the time has come to make the most money as quickly as possible!

The great American dream is a lie. Most people believe that you’ve got to work hard and spend your entire life at a job you hate just to make ends meet. That is an absolute lie! There are people all over the world right now who literally got rich overnight. It didn’t take them years or decades. It took them months, weeks, and sometimes even days!

Yes, there are people who have made a six-figure income in just a few days!

Are these people any different than you? No. In fact, a lot of these people have less education and less talent than you do. The only thing these people know are secrets to making money quick. They have realized early on that the American dream is no longer working hard for somebody else and making the boss rich. The American dream today is discovering the little-known secrets to generating quick cash, putting them into action, and making the money you want so you can live the life that you’ve always dreamed of! It is all here in this very powerful, yet amazingly simple electronic book. Use these secrets and begin to prosper…starting today!

Do you want to buy a car? A House? Want to go on a nice vacation? The proven, time-tested system to generate massive amounts of extra cash is right here waiting for you!

Company Makes Over $1,000,000
A DAY On The Internet -
Who Are They - And How
Can YOU Use Their
Money-Making Secret?

We’ve done a lot of research in the Internet, and we’ve noticed a lot of different things - particularly, everyone’s talking about it.

Recently we were going through the stocks in the business pages of the “Wall Street Journal” and we came across an article that blew our mind. It was the story of how one company makes over $1,000,000 A DAY on the Internet . . . Who are they - and how can YOU use their money-making secret?

It stated that, an Internet company that sells books, music, and videos, sold over 400 million dollars worth of books, CD’s, and videos . . . 400 million product moved in one year’s time means making more than a MILLION DOLLARS A DAY, PER DAY! And there’s only 365 days in a year!

We can just hear you folks reading this, thinking to yourselves, “Gosh, my dream come true would be to have a million dollar year on my website!”

How’s able to do this? They’re advertising points out how convenient ordering over the Internet really is - people don’t have to leave their houses, they don’t have to drive uptown, they don’t have to talk to anyone over a telephone - all they have to do is check what they want to order on the site, enter their credit card number, and click “order now!”

Combine the ease of buying with the fact that the public’s interest and excitement towards the Internet is already high, and you’ve got a great chance of really making huge amounts of money in short periods of time!

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5 MLM Business Building Tips
April 8th, 2009 | by Chris |

Building your MLM business can be tricky and if you are not careful and organized you can spend countless hours overworking on things that don’t work or bring negligible results. Efficiency is a very important factor that can determine the success of your home business. You need to be very organized and evaluate every method and technique that you use so you can abandon those that don’t yield results and concentrate on the things that bring the most value. That is what every successful business is doing and something that you should also imitate if you want to start making money from your network marketing opportunity.

Another thing to consider is to have a schedule for working your MLM opportunity. Not having set aside hours that you work your home business can lead you either to over-working or under-working, depending on your character. And while over-working may not be so damaging you have to remember that productivity is what counts and not the hours you spend. If you overdo it you may tire yourself and as consequence hurt your productivity. You need to live a balanced life in order to have vitality and desire to move ahead in life. All work and no play is never a sound advice.

Five MLM Business Building Tips That Can Help You Achieve Success by Rich Ramalho

Do you have an MLM business that you want to make successful? Then you need to know five important MLM business building tips that will help you achieve that goal. This article is going to give you the most important tips that anyone can use to build a successful business with MLM.

Here are the most important MLM business building tips that you need to know.

One: Efficiency is vital to building an MLM business. You have to realize that if you want to make a six figure income with your business within just a few years, then you need to have an efficient strategy to help you achieve this. You need to know what is working efficiently to bring new people to your business and keeping them there then make sure you are doing those things all the time. You can talk to your upline to get help with figuring this out.

Two: Know what your vision is for your future. This is important because your long term goals can help you get through your short term goals, obstacles that will stand in your way and other problems you may have. When you know what your long term goals are, it will be much easier for you to keep going, no matter how difficult it can seem to be at times.

Three: Marketing is vital to the success of any MLM business. This is one of the MLM business building tips that too many people ignore. Don’t make this same mistake because you need to have as many marketing methods working for you as you can. You want to test the marketing methods and find the ones that are effective. Then replace any methods that are not effective with one that is. You want to do this until you have five to seven different methods working for you at all times.

Liberty Memorial - Kansas City, Missouri
Photo by Marshall Astor

Four: You have to set aside certain hours every day that you are going to work. Working from home is one of the best things that you can do, but it can also overwhelm you. That is why it is so important that you have set hours that you work and set hours that you take off. Now, these hours can change, but the important thing to remember is that you need to limit how much you work, or you will find yourself working much more than you should.

Five: This is one of the most important MLM business building tips that you need to know. You need to help other people build a successful business. When it comes to an MLM business, you can’t become successful without helping the people on your team become successful. So, do everything you can to help your downline because this will help all of you become successful.

These are the most important MLM business building tips that you need to know. There are others you can learn about, but if you keep these in mind, then you will have a much better chance of being successful. So, start using these tips today, so you can have the successful MLM business that you have always wanted.

Rich Ramalho is a growth oriented home business entrepreneur. His goal is to partner with ordinary people who have the desire to earn five figures a month running their own network marketing business.

‘Any idiot can face a
crisis—it’s day to day living
that wears you out.’
- Anton Chekhov
‘Boredom is the most
horrible of wolves.’
-Jean Giono

Strike Up A Deal To
Sell Another Company’s
Products Online!

First of all, let’s discuss the opportunity from the position that you did let the business know that you were doing this. You could tell them that you have some knowledge and some experience in selling products on the Internet through the auction sites, and that you’d like to try with their products.

Work out an arrangement where they give you their very best, rock bottom price. Maybe it is 20-25% below their retail price. Then you can go to the Internet auction site and list their products for sale.

Each week you could list a handful of their best products for sale. You sell them, then you go in and you pick them up, and you pay with the profits that you’ve received from your customer who was the highest bidder.

You go in, you pick up the product, you keep the difference between what they’re charging you and what your customer bid for it, and then you ship the product out to that customer for the company.

You might even be able to work out a deal where you don’t even have to worry about shipping. If this is a company that might be involved in some mail order, or does ship products as gifts and that kind of thing, maybe they have a department that can handle that for you and they would be more than happy to ship the products, since you are helping them move them.
One of the best ways to make your presence on the Internet today is by starting an MLM blog that can help you promote your network marketing opportunity and find new prospects. It is very easy to use and can be customized extensively so it can support all your needs and future plans. So even if you know little about computers or the Internet you do not have any excuse for not starting your own blog as it is literally a push button procedure today to publish it and start posting.

Blogs tend to be more informal compared to static websites and have a more personal tone. It is a very good way to let your readers learn more things about you since they might become your future prospects or people in your MLM network. After all, prospects are interested to learn as much as they can about their potential future sponsor into a network marketing opportunity before they join under him. If you give them as much information as you can on that area they would start seeing you as a friend even if they have never met with you. In essence you cultivate a relationship with them that it can yield results in the future.

Of course a newsletter would help you even further in that area and can become even more personal where your subscribers learn more about you and how you can help them succeed in network marketing if they choose you as a sponsor. Blogs and autoresponders combined can do wonders to help you in MLM prospecting so I advise you if you start a blog to also put a subscription form on it and start your own newsletter.

But what makes blogs good for MLM promotion and prospecting?

Well, as I mentioned in the beginning blogs are very easy to use. You can publish them and start posting within a few minutes. No special knowledge is required and the few necessary things that are needed you can learn them very fast and easy. Of course if you still have your doubts you can always outsource it to someone else, but it is so easy to operate a blog that you won’t need it.

Furthermore they tend to get favored placement in the search engines compared to other websites. That is because they tend to get updated regularly something that you should never forget to do if you want that “special” treatment. Additionally there are many plugins that can help you do some basic seo works on your blog without thinking much about it.

The best way to go if you want to stat your own MLM blog is to use a wordpress blog hosted by you. Don’t go for a free platform because you put yourself into the mercy of the provider as they have very strict rules and they can delete your blog any time they want if they believe that you are violating their terms and conditions. You don’t want to put time and effort into building your online real estate only to see it vanishing one day. So don’t try to save money on webhosting and go with a good company that can offer you a good service for the money that you are paying.

'Happiness is not the
absence of conflict,
but the ability to
cope with it.'
‘The statistics of suicide
show that, for non-
combatants at least,
life is more interesting
in war than in peace.’
-William Ralph Inge

You could do it once a week - every week you go in and you pick out a new group of products. A lot of auction sites will let you have seven day auctions. You’ll have it up for a week, so each week you go in and you pick out a new set of products.

Using a digital camera if you have one, you can take pictures of those products and actually list them on the auction sites. Then, at the end of the week, you go through and you e-mail everybody. Tell them they are the highest bidder, and tell them to get their money to you, and then you go ahead and go back to the store, pick up the product, and keep the difference in cash. And either have them ship the product, or you ship the product for them.

'One of the worst forms
of mental suffering
is boredom, not knowing
what to do with oneself
and one’s life. Even
if man had no monetary,
or any other reward,
he would be eager to
spend his energy in
some meaningful way
because he could not
stand the boredom
which inactivity produces.'
-Erich Fromm
'The difficulties of life
are intended to make
us better, not bitter.'

Controversy Is A Great
Way To Attract The Media -
And Get Your Product In
Front Of Millions Of
Potential Customers!

Any media (almost) is better than none at all. You want to get into the media as much as you possibly can. If you have a product or service that has some controversy surrounding it, great!

Recently a product was released on the market called Sex In a Bottle. It is just some vitamins and minerals that have been shown by some studies to concentrate certain hormones in the body. Just the name, though, is catchy, and the company is out there doing a lot of very aggressive media hype.

This company is trying to stir controversy. The company has its team of doctors that claim the product really works in giving people a much better sex life. Then, when they end up on television or on the radio on talk shows, the networks will have their teams of doctors there to dispute what the company’s doctors say.

The debate goes back and forth like a tennis ball . . . and who wins? The company wins by getting a tremendously huge amount of exposure.

'It is arrogance to expect
that life will always be
music. . . Harmony, like a
following breeze at sea, is
the exception. In a world
where most things wind up
broken or lost, our lot
is to tack and tune.'
-Harvey Oxenhorn
'The winds and waves
are always on the side
of the ablest navigators.'
-Edward Gibbon

Also, the product actually reaches into a bit of a taboo grey space. This helps the company get attention from the media. And it almost seems at times that the company really doesn’t have to advertise much, thanks to their controversy.

This is just one example of someone using media to gain free publicity, and they are amassing millions of dollars just by stirring up a little controversy and breaking the norm. If you have something like this, the media might just be waiting for you to release it.

The richest and most powerful people in the world know how to use the power of the press for their own gain! And you can do it too on a smaller scale! It’s an example of how to MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MANIPULATING THE MEDIA!

You have to have something dramatic, and not everything works well for free publicity. Certain products can really do well, but some won’t.

'No matter what
has happened, always
behave as if nothing
had happened.'
-Arnold Bennett
'We are not troubled
by things, but by the
opinion which we
have of things.'

How To Instantly
Get People Excited
About Your Offer!

If your product is a money-making opportunity, one of the best things you can do is put pictures of money on your website! This is how to instantly get people excited about your offer!

When they come to your website, that picture of money will instantly grab their attention. Words take a few seconds to set in…but a picture of money is an instantly recognized icon, and is instantly exciting!

Almost everybody would like to have more money, and do less work to get it. Indeed, money has become one of the most important, most coveted commodities of all time. It’s instantly recognized, and it’s instantly desired. That’s why something as simple as a picture of money on your website will instantly have most prospects excited and interested in reading to find out what you have to offer!

And typically, the larger the bill denomination, the more enticing that image is! A one-dollar bill is common - but what about a hundred dollar bill? Or a thousand? Ten thousand? These are even more attractive because they represent more money!

'Happiness does not
depend on outward
things, but on the
way we see them.'
-Leo Tolstoy
'The mind is its
own place, and in itself
can make a heaven of hell,
a hell of heaven.'
-John Milton

The Power Of “NO.”
How To Use It To Get
People To Say “YES!”

People are more savvy and cynical to advertising than ever before. Skepticism is instant, and everyone who reads an offer is waiting to find the catch that keeps it from being the ultimate opportunity the company wants to present it as.

The copy might say, “You could make thousands and thousands of dollars a month!” The reader will think, “Yeah, if I’m willing to sell it door to door.”

The copy might not have mentioned whether or not the prospect will have to go door to door selling product, but people look for catches in all offers, and even if they don’t see them clearly, they will assume their existence.

You want to cover as many bases as you can in order to justify that purchase in the eyes of your prospect. This is where the power of “NO” becomes important.

Yes, “NO!” Tell them what’s not expected of them! “No-Nonsense, No equipment to buy or lease, No face to face selling, No requirement to buy future products, No club to join, Not a con, No gimmicks . . .”

This is how to use the word “no” to get people to say “YES!” to purchasing your products! By telling them what’s NOT involved in the transaction, or what’s not involved in order to make the product do what they want, you are eliminating the catches people are looking for - those things that keep them from buying your products and services!

Sometimes the right use of the word “NO” can lead the right people to say “YES” to your products - and to sending you their money!

'Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.'
'A person without a sense
of humor is like a
wagon without springs,
jolted by every pebble
in the road.'
-Henry Ward Beecher

How One Average Guy
Went From His Garage
To “Cyberspace” In Less
Than Two Years - And Built Up
A Billion-Dollar Fortune!

With the power of the Internet and website marketing, you can literally appear as big as any company that anybody would walk into - very affordably - and still provide that personal level that they can’t anymore. It’s the best of both worlds!

Case in point - the success of is today valued at multiple billions of dollars. Just two years ago, the president of that company was running that company out of a garage. Literally wrapping up books and taking them to the post office himself.

But he was able to build up his company . . . and the personal touches he was able to incorporate in the business were very attractive to people . . . and now he’s got one of the biggest, companies on the Internet! This is how one average guy went from his garage to “Cyberspace” in less than two years - and built up a billion-dollar fortune!

'I make the most of all
that comes and the least
of all that goes.'
-Sara Teasdale
'On the occasion of every
accident that befalls you. . .
inquire what power you
have for turning it to use.'

How To Deliver Hundreds Of
Pages Of Information -
With NO Printing, NO Shipping,
And NO COST Whatsoever!

One of the biggest incentives to get prospects to buy from you is FREE bonuses. These can be difficult for marketers just starting out to come up with though - after all, it’s going to cost something to produce or purchase them.

It’s one thing to have orders coming in, supplying you with money to use. But what if you’re just starting a campaign and don’t have that money for free bonus items?

There is an answer to this problem - E-MAIL! E-mail is how to deliver hundreds of pages of information - with NO printing, NO shipping, and NO COST whatsoever!

For the clients who buy your product online, they could get the free bonus product via e-mail! It costs you nothing for printing or sending to your clients - and all it would take is one document! You could simple forward the same e-mail to all of your new customers, say, on a weekly basis, and they’d have their free bonus product - and it wouldn’t cost you a cent!

'Things turn out best
for people who make
the best of the way
things turn out.'
'Experience is not
what happens to you;
it is what you do with
what happens to you.'
-Aldous Huxley

You could either send it as the e-mail itself, or, if you had something longer, simply type it up in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect and send it as an attached file to an e-mail! This way you could still forward it to all your customers, but give them a much bigger bonus product than most e-mail formats will allow as far as size is concerned.

With e-mail, a lot of new, creative options like this are quickly becoming available. They have the potential to be very powerful - and profitable!

E-mail can be more than a messaging system - it can be the key to supplying the bonus products that will attract many more customers to your business!

'When fate hands
you a lemon, make
-Dale Carnegie
'There are two ways
of meeting difficulties.
You alter the difficulties
or you alter yourself
to meet them.'
-Phyllis Bottome

How To Decide
Which Market To
Get Involved With

The first thing you need to do is to decide what market you are going to go into. You can go into a hobby of yours if you have a favorite hobby. Anything you’re interested in you can turn into a money making opportunity for yourself. It might be gardening. Maybe it is golf. Maybe you like to sew or hunt. Maybe you like to collect sports collectibles and autographs from different sports events or famous sports figures. Maybe you like Beanie Babies. Maybe you like collecting teddy bears - Boyds Bears maybe. Maybe you like Logenberger baskets. There are many different subjects - literally anything you’re interested in!

Maybe your spouse has something that they like to collect that you can turn into a money making venture. Anything you enjoy or your spouse enjoys you can turn into a niche market that can make you a lot of money.

After you’ve picked a market or a subject matter - something you are interested in - what we would suggest you do is search the Internet auctions and find out, to make sure, that other people are selling those same kinds of products.

‘One of man’s finest
qualities is described
by the simple word
“guts”—the ability
to take it. If you have
the disciplines to stand fast
when your body wants to
run, if you can control
your temper and remain cheerful
in the face of monotony or
disappointments, you have
“guts” in the soldiering sense.’
-Colonel John S. Roosman
'Never despair, but if you
do, work on in despair.'
-Edmund Burke

You’ll find most products that are for sale on the Internet auctions. There’s rarely an item or a subject matter that won’t be represented on the Internet auctions. Just about everything is available there.

If, for some reason, you have a very squirrelly subject matter, some strange subject or some strange hobby that you have that just isn’t available, you’re probably not going to do good marketing it. There are rare exceptions to that, but in most cases you’re not going to have success with it.

We’ve heard people sometimes tell us that they like to search out things that they don’t see advertised anywhere because obviously no one else is doing it so they can make lots of money in that. But, that tends to not be the case. If other people haven’t figured it out already, it’s probably something that’s not going to make money for you either.

On the other hand, if you find something that lots of people are marketing, then it’s obviously a hot subject matter and something that you can make money with as well. If you don’t see it advertised on the Internet auction sites, or wherever you decide to market, then you probably need to pick something else. Find another hobby that you have.

Even if it is something that you’re not interested in, a hot subject matter that people are buying is a lot better than a hobby of yours that people aren’t buying into.

'Let us not be needlessly
bitter; certain failures
are sometimes fruitful.'
-E.M. Cioran
'Find the grain of truth
in criticism—chew it
and swallow it.'
-Don Sutton

How To Build Your Fortune
With the Things And
People You Love

This is an overall strategy that we put together for people who want to make money for many, many years with Internet auctions - an overall marketing strategy for you to keep in mind and use.

First of all, understand that a lot of the people who are out there on these Internet Auctions are cut-off. We’re living in a society right now, where the computer is actually the link that people have with the rest of the world. You need to understand this concept because that’s the foundation of this marketing model. The computer is right there. These people are lonely and cut-off, and they’re getting their source of (not only entertainment) social needs being met online.

People want to associate with like-minded people who are just like they are. When we get together with some of our relatives, we have nothing at all to talk about. We’ll sit in a room with our relatives and we won’t know what to say to them. But, if you put us in a room with people like Alan Bechtold, Russ von Hoelscher, Jeff Gardner, and everybody on our panel - in other words, people in our business - and we have tons of stuff to talk about.

'The game of life is
not so much in holding
good hand as playing
a poor hand well.'
-H.T. Leslie
'The greatest test of
courage on earth is to
bear defeat without
losing heart.'
-Robert G. Ingersoll

When you’re with people who are like-minded and who care about the same things that you care about, you have a real bond with those people. You have to understand that to understand this: People like buying from other individuals who share their same interests. It all fits together!

Our #1 tip is: You should sell items that you either love or things that you are interested in. You then sell those to other people who also love those kinds of items and are interested in those items.

If it’s something that interests you and something that you want to throw your whole life into - your passion - that’s what you should sell! That’s the kind of business that you should be in on these Internet Auctions. You should sell to these people, build bonds with the people who buy from you, and then remember: The secret to getting rich is to resell people again and again.

You’re not going to get rich on these Internet Auctions by selling to one person one time. You might make a $1,000 or $2,000 for one transaction. That’s fine, and everybody likes making money, but the key is that you have to resell to these people again and again. You stay in touch with them. You send them some friendly e-mail. You tell them about your new items you have that are of interest to them.

'To accept whatever
comes, regardless
of the consequences,
is to be unafraid.'
-John Cage
'Let us be brave in
the face of adversity.'
-Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Remember, for those people who are out there listening and are afraid of these Internet Auctions, a few hours of simple instruction from somebody who’s well-versed on Internet Auctions and a few days of practice, and you can be an old pro at this.

Stick with the items that you love. Stick with items that are very similar, so that once you sell something to someone one time you can go back to that person and sell them over and over again. You have a friend now. You have a bond with a customer. They will re-buy from you. That’s the closest thing that we know to having fun, making money, and having a wonderful life - sell things that you love to people that you care about and people who care about you. In the end, you’ll be making a lot of money . . . but you’ll also be living a wonderful life.

'Humor is the healthy
way of feeling ”distance”
between one’s self and the
problem, a way of standing
off and looking at one’s
problems with perspective.'
-Rollo May
'Little things affect
little minds.'
-Benjamin Disraeli

$15 Into $198,000.00!
How An Average Guy
Turned $15 Into Almost
$200,000.00 - In Less Than
3 Months . . . WITH

We recently read an article in Spare Time magazine, a business opportunity magazine where we would have never thought we’d find anything on rare books.

There was an article by Lynn Kerrigan titled “Making Money With Used and Rare Books.” The article tells how a commercial fisherman was browsing in a New Hampshire antique shop just a few years ago, and he found a copy of Tamara Lane, which is Edgar Allan Poe’s first book.

The book was priced at $15, and he gladly paid that amount.

Three months later, this book sells at an auction - a rare book and antique auction, not on the Internet - for $198,000. Now, that’s exciting!

$15 into $198,000.00! This is how an average guy turned $15 into almost $200,000.00 - in less than 3 months . . . WITH ONE PRODUCT!

'Humor is an attitude.
It’s a way of looking
at life and of telling
others how you feel
about what’ happening
around you.'
-Gene Perret
'Humor is just another
defense against the
-Mel Brooks

Is there big money in collectible and rare books? You bet there is! We’re not saying you can go out and find a book for $15 that you’ll sell for $200,000 but prominent book collectors say they typically find books costing $20 in thrift shops, second hand stores, antique shops, and used bookstores, that turn out to be worth $1,000 or more.

Best of all, you don’t need much money to get started -all you need is some price guides.

Rare book hunting - buying and selling books for tremendous profits, at times, can be good for people of all ages. If you happen to be a senior citizen and have some extra time, it could be very ideal for you. You can have fun, and you can make a lot of money with this.

And, if you put it up for Internet auction, the collectors will fall out of the woodwork . . . and they’ll be so busy trying to outbid each other for the right to call that volume their own, they’ll be practically giving their money to you!

'Good people are
good because they’ve come
to wisdom through failure.'
-William Saroyan
'Everyday. . . life confronts
us with new problems
to be solved which force
us to adjust our old
programs accordingly.'
-Dr. Ann Faraday

Current Fads Can
Make You Rich! Here’s
An Example!

Here’s an example of how you can make a fad really pay off for you. T.J. and I brought in 2.5 million dollars in sales in about six months time all because we found a current fad and used it to our advantage. It was when the information superhighway was just beginning. It was brand new, everyone was talking about it, it was on the news . . . but very few people knew very much about it.

We saw this trend, and we decided to try to capitalize on it. We developed informational products that were based on making money through the information superhighway. Then, about six months after we made these informational products available for purchase, we had brought in 2.5 million dollars in sales!

Look for what’s out there that’s really hot, what’s really current, and what people are really crazy about. We did, and it paid off for us by giving us sales in the millions of dollars. And the same could potentially happen for you!

'What can any of us do
with his talent but try
to develop his vision,
so that through frequent
failures we may learn
better what we have
missed in the past.'
-William Carlos Williams
'A man’s as miserable
as he thinks he is.'
-Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Get Rich With High-Ticket
Items That You Don’t
Pay For! Here’s One Product
You Can Make Thousands On
- And You Don’t Even
Have to Pay for It!

Someone in our office just recently sold an automobile on eBay in less than a week’s time. So, why couldn’t you maybe read through the classified ads of newspapers looking for cars that are hard to sell - maybe foreign cars and high priced cars - contact that person and let them know that you can assist them in selling their car over the Internet? This is one product you can make thousands of dollars on - and you don’t even have to pay for it . . .

Why not, you ask? You could ask them if they would be willing to pay you a fee, assuming that you sell the car for them. Tell them, in some cases, you can even get the car sold in less than a week.

Another idea is that you can go to the website of Federal Government’s patent office,, and look up products that have had patents filed.

Why would you do this? Simple . . . a lot of inventors are very good at inventing things, but they’re not very good at marketing or promoting their products!

When you’re doing research on the Federal Government’s patent Web Site, you can find interesting products that are very unique and different, but you’ll also typically find that the inventor is really not doing anything to market that product. You can contact the inventor and work out a deal to sell their product via the auctions on the Web Site! By doing this you can get rich with high-ticket items that you don’t pay for!

'A life of reaction
is a life of slavery,
intellectually and spiritually.
One must fight for a life
of action, not reaction.'
-Rita Mae Brown
'Being sorry for myself
is a luxury I can’t afford.'
-Stephen King and Peter Straub

An Opportunity That
Could Double, Triple,
Or Even Quadruple
Your Profits!

What you do is contact every site that is in any way related to yours, directly or indirectly, and exchange links and ads.

You’ll find these people very receptive. We’ve had many people come to us recently that want to exchange advertising from site to site. Now you should take the initiative. You should get out there on the Internet and make as many deals as you can because this can double, or triple, or quadruple your profits by getting your ads, and your links, on all these different sites on the Internet.

In other words, exchanging advertising.

You’ll find you will be able to get some big sites that might have ten times as many people coming to them as you have, but they don’t necessarily know that and they’ll make deals with you.

It’s a great way to just exchange advertising and exchange links without spending any money.

Advertorials are a great way to make money - not just to exchange advertising where they put up your free ad and you put up their free ad, but if you really like their product and service, and you can convince them, maybe send them a sample that your product and service is good at other sites, you could exchange enhanced testimonials and articles, which become sort of advertorials. In other words, you’re promoting them in a very strong way.

'You can overcome
anything if you
don’t bellyache.'
-Bernard M. Baruch
'The secret of being
miserable is to have
leisure to bother about
whether you are
happy or not. The cure
for it is occupation.'
-George Bernard Shaw

We’ve discovered in mail order that what other people say about our products and services is often just as important, or more important, than what we say. People say, “Well sure, you’re going to ballyhoo your own product or service. But what other people say about it is really important.”

So, if other web sites have a nice article, call it an enhanced testimonial, advertorial, whatever word you want to use, telling how great your service or information product is or whatever, that really carries weight.

And, of course, to exchange this you’ll have to do the same for them. You’ll have to be convinced, of course, that they have something worth promoting, that you can give your good name to, and tell people it is great. We just think that is tremendous, whether you sell advertising on your site, whether you exchange advertising, or free advertising with many, many other sites. Dozens of sites, hundreds of sites!

Also think about this big endorsement that you’ll give some other site and their products if they’ll do the same for you. So, we think if you put all of those methods together, you’re going to make a lot of money with both paid advertising and free advertising.

'The cure for grief is motion.'
-Elbert Hubbard
'I got the blues thinking
of the future, so I
left off and made some
marmalade. It’s amazing
how it cheers one
up to shred oranges or
scrub the floor.'
-D.H. Lawrence

Add The Shopping Cart
Software To Your Website,
And Make It EASY For
Your Customers to Buy!

When you have shopping carts on your website - buttons to click on to buy something shaped like a shopping cart - that simplifies the technology on your web site, and helps you make far more sales because you’re making it easier for the customer to just keep adding products to their list.

It makes it so easy for the customer to shop, just like if they were at Wal-mart, just throwing things in the basket. And they relate to that because they do it at Wal-mart, and they do it at their favorite supermarket, and then at the end there’s a check-out. It is a brilliant, new technology in the past couple of years. It is readily available, for a reasonable price. There are many shopping cart e-commerce programs. You don’t need it if you are selling one item, obviously, but if you have many, many items, it is a great way to make it so easy for people to shop.

If you have more than one product, look for it out there. It will make shopping so easy.

We’ve caught ourselves doing this. If we find a web site, we might have only been looking for one product, but hey, there is something over here. Well, to buy it, all we’ve got to do is click. Okay. We’ll buy it ...

Then we find ourselves going to a site, wanting one thing and end up buying seven things. So it really makes buying super simple. A lot of people are just buying because they see it, it looks interesting, they click, and it is that easy.

'Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.'
'We would have to settle
for the elegant goal
of becoming ourselves.'
-William Styron

Type A Name, A Description,
A Starting Bid - Then
Click A Button - That’s
Sit Back And Watch
The Bids Fly In!

One question that we know you have percolating in your head is, how hard is it to post your item on eBay for auction!

The answer? It’s a piece of cake!

Let’s say you’ve got a little porcelain figure you want to put up for Internet auction. Find the category you want it to be presented in, and then simply click on the button that says “sell an item” to start the process.

Now it’s time to go through the steps. The website will require you to fill out a few spaces with some information, typically . . .

1. How much is the item?

2. What price would you like bidding to start at?

3. Give a description of the item you’re auctioning.

With the majority of the Internet auctions, that pretty much all there is to it. Type a name, a description, a starting bid - then click a button - that’s ALL IT TAKES! Then, sit back and watch the bids fly in!

'A great obstacle to
happiness is to expect
too much happiness.'
-Bernard de Fontenelle
'The wise man puts all
his eggs in one basket
and watches the basket.'
-Andrew Carnegie

The One Thing You Can
Add To Your Sales Letter
To Instantly Get People
To Read Every Word!

One of the biggest challenges marketers have to deal with is that of “scanners.” Scanners are prospects who look at a sales letter or sales copy website, scan it for a few seconds, then sit it aside and forget about it.

Humans are a busy species - even when they really aren’t. People constantly have something to do, something that’s more important at the moment than a sales letter. Add this modern humanity’s short attention span, and you can clearly see this can be a problem for an astute marketer.

So how can this problem be overcome? Through using subheads in your copy! They’re the one thing you can add to your sales letter to instantly get people to read every word!

On your Web Site you can use subheads - a lot of subheads! First of all, it breaks up your copy. It also gives people direction. Those people who are scanning through your sales letter can see specific pieces.

They know if they see “Ironclad Guarantee,” and they’re interested in the guarantee, they can read that part of your letter and find out exactly what your guarantee is.

If they see “No Money Required” they can read what that’s all about and how you can help them without sending in any money.

Use sub-heads to break up your copy and pull people through your letter. For those who do scan, it gives them an opportunity to scan the pieces that they’re interested in and get the information that they want, rather than the parts that they may not have read.

'You don’t know what
pressure is until you
play for $5 with only
$2 in your pocket.'
-Lee Trevino
‘The only menace is inertia.‘
-Saint John Perse

The E-Mail Marketing
Leverage Wealth System!

Now, I would like to give you the “E-Mail Marketing Leverage Wealthy System.”

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you first that one of the most expensive marketing consultants in the world first taught this system to us. This man charges $25,000.00 for seminars. He charges several thousand dollars an hour for telephone consultation, and, although we have never paid him that kind of money, we have subscribed to his newsletters, and spent a lot of money over the years buying his programs.

He teaches this 3-Step Strategy, and I always thought this guy was a genius. When I first heard this, I thought it was the most brilliant thing I have ever heard in my life. This man is a genius. No wonder he charges $3,000.00 an hour.

I collect old books on selling, so one day I went into this used book store, and sure enough, I am looking at this book from the 1950's. There on almost the last page of the book is this same 3-Step Strategy, so there is nothing new under the sun.

The ideas that we share with you are tried and true. They are proven! Many of these ideas were discovered by people who have gone before us. Now we share them with you in hopes that you’ll benefit and profit from them.

'Nothing of worthy or
weight can be achieved
with half a mind, with
a faint heart, and with
a lame endeavor.'
-Isaac Barrow
'Great minds have purposes,
others have wishes.'
-Washington Irving

Now here it is - the Leverage Wealth System. It is very simple. There are only three ways that you can build your electronic business - or any business, for that matter. And if you think about this, you can build a strategy around these three methods. Here they are:

1.Increase the number of new customers that you bring into your business. We’ve given you a lot of ideas on how you can attract new customers and bring them in. If you want to build your business you need to increase that number!
2.Increase the number of times those people re-buy from you. Make them special offers and get them to re-buy from you. Increase that number and you will build your business.
3.Increase the amount of profit in each transaction you carry out with those customers. Look for higher profit items. Sell higher ticket items.
The whole secret behind the Leverage Wealth System is very simple. Every single day you have to engage in just a small amount of activity to increase all three of these numbers. You have to do more on the front-end to bring in more new customers. You have to do something every day that gets those people to come back and buy from you more often. Then, constantly strive to get a higher amount of profit from every single sale that you make.

If you’ll just do those three simple things every single day - just a little bit every day - they can give you tremendous leverage.

Use these secrets. Take notes. Set some goals. Work on the strategies that you like the most. Remember, everything we’ve shared with you works if you’ll work it. It is not a question of “will it work?” It will work! It has worked for others, and it will make you money! Every single strategy and method will make you money if you’ll go out and use them.

'Happy are those who
dream dreams and are
ready to pay the price
to make them come true.'
-L.J. Cardinal Suenens
'It is enough that I am of
value to somebody today.'
-Hugh Prather

One Technique You Can
Use To Impress Your
Prospects So Much, They’ll
WANT To Buy From You!

Want to have a hot offer? One that’ll get your prospects’ attention? Here’s something you can try . . .

In your offer, make it a point to tell them that you’re NOT going to charge them for shipping and handling! Yes, that’s right!

How often do you see a mail order offer where the customer doesn’t have to pay for shipping and handling? This is one technique you can use to impress your prospects so much, they’ll WANT to buy from you!

If you’ve got a good markup on your product, each sale should be able to cover its own shipping and still make you some money. Yes, you won’t make as much as you would if you were charging for shipping and handling - but the point isn’t to make the most money possible . . .

. . . This is a good technique to use if you’re building a customer base. It’s very attractive to people, and it’s a great way to transform prospects into paying customers for the first time.

Of, course there may be limitations you might want to set as far as this is concerned, particularly when it comes to some of the more expensive shipment options, like overnight delivery and such. If you allow that as an option and feel it’s going to cut into your money more than you’d like, you can still offer to pay most of it, or a lot of it at least, and only charge them a small amount.

Get out there and get creative! If you use techniques like this correctly, you could be attracting paying customers to you in seemingly no time!

‘Passions are less
mischievous than
boredom, for passions
tend to diminish and
boredom increase.’
-Barbey d’Aurevilly

Last Year, 60 Million
Americans Used The
Internet, And About 68%
Of Them Were Looking

Last year, about 60 million Americans used the Internet. That doesn’t count people from all over the rest of the world. A big percentage of those people, about 68%, looked for some kind of health or medical information. It’s an amazing percentage of on-line health information seekers.

There’s a chief pollster for Lou Harris, and Associates. They take polls. They estimate that of all the people who have any kind of electronic access, whether it’s at work, the library, or at home, that almost 70% of these people, at one time, looked up some health or medical information. That tells me that millions and millions, tens of millions, over half the people out of the millions that go on-line, are looking for health information.

Health is huge. It’s a hot topic. There’s proof. Now, some of these folks, they’ve been cybercondriacs (it’s kind of a funny word they’ve came up with). Every day they wonder if they’ve got some new disease. They’re the same people that buy all those health books through the mail. Now they’re going on-line and they’re searching for information. They’re just flocking by the tens of thousands to these health information sites.

'Whenever you see a
successful business,
someone once made a
courageous decision.'
-Peter Drucket
‘The amount of satisfaction
you get from life depends
largely on your own
ingenuity, self-sufficiency,
and resourcefulness.
People who wait around
for life to supply their
satisfaction usually
find boredom instead.’
-Dr. William Menninger

A friend of ours went ahead and put up a health site. It’s called Health Secrets of the Rich and Famous. It’s got a little bit of pizzazz, kind of a show biz angle to it. It’s just about people in Hollywood, famous politicians, folks like that, and what they do. People who have unlimited amounts of money, who will spend anything to stay young, the fountain of youth, and who’s health directly affects their perfor-mance and the millions of dollars that they make. This book is starting to sell like hot cakes.

The way you can come up with a book like this is just to go on-line and start searching for health sites. There are just thousands of them. There’s one called “Medline.” Medline has tracking capability that tells them who came and who didn’t, and they said that amazingly it increased from 7 million searches (7 million people went on there and searched for health information) a year ago to 120 million last year.

It went from 7 million to 120 million searches! I’d say that shows what’s called a “gold rush.” It’s just an incredible “gold rush” right now. About one-third of those searches were done by consumers. It wasn’t doctors. It wasn’t a nurse. It wasn’t a health care person.

'One cannot both
feast and become rich.'
-Ashanti proverb
'There is a proper balance
between not asking enough
of oneself and asking
or expecting too much.'
-May Sarton

It was just you, me, or the next person. Out of 120 million, about 40 million of them were consumers. Now, that’s a lot of customers looking for information that you could sell. Forty million consumers.

A lot of these sites steer people to a hospital site, a pharmacy board, or something like that. You don’t want to give too much detailed information on your site because some sites have come under scrutiny from state medical boards for practicing what’s called “virtual medicine” without a license. So be careful what you say on there. You know better than to give medical advice anyway.

There’s a gateway. You can set up a gateway, which is like a portal or an on ramp, whatever you want to call it, there’s one called It’s a government site, Department of Health and Human Services, and has over 1,000 topics and links to government and non-profit content. They checked them for quality. If you have a gateway site, you all of a sudden have an information product. All your information is is the links to these other sites. You are one stop shopping. They come to your site. You don’t even have anything for sale. They see all these links. They can go anywhere they want, but you are the hub, as they call it.

'As we advance in life,
we learn the limits of
our abilities.'
-J.A. Froud
'One advantage of marriage,
it seems to me, is that
when you fall out
of love with him, or
he falls out of love
with you, it keeps you
together until you maybe
fall in love again.'
-Judith Viorst

Fine-Tune Your
Business For SUCCESS!

Many businesses out there shoot themselves in the foot before the race has even started. Many companies are trying to sell things that people really don’t want. They come up with what they think is a good idea, and they don’t test it. Instead, they try to force it upon the market.

To get more people to buy your product or service you have to know why they buy. Why do they want something? What things do they want the most? What will they buy?

The more experience you get, the better you will become at knowing these things. The key is asking yourself “why” and then finding out “why.” Why will people give you their money for your product or service? They will do it if it is something they re ally want.

The benefits have to be very appealing to them. They have to be able to relate to what your product or service does. They must be able to picture themselves actually having those benefits.

By knowing all of this information and using it to make your ads better, you can “fine-tune” your marketing — TO MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE BIGGEST PROFITS EVER!! But it’s like fine-tuning a car; it has to be done constantly. You can’t just tune it up once; you have to keep doing it in order to keep the car in the best running order possible. It’s a steady, never-ending process.

‘Do you know what
the greatest test
is? Do you still
get excited about
what you do when you
get up in the morning?’
-David Halberstam
‘Sometimes I have believed
as many as six impossible
things before breakfast.’
- Lewis Carroll

A 3-Step Strategy
For Getting Rich.

To get rich in Direct-Response Marketing — just master the same three step formula we’ve used:

STEP ONE: Get the right sales message...

STEP TWO: To the right market...

STEP THREE: Through the right media.

Combining these steps in the right way can help you make huge amounts of money, just as it has for us. Practice these steps by testing as many different promotions as you can. Eventually you’ll find the perfect promotions that tie all three steps together.

'He who cannot do what
he wants must make do
with what he can.'
'Concentrate your energies,
your thoughts and your
capital. . . the wise man
puts all his eggs in one
basket and watches the basket.'
-Andrew Carnegie

The Trick We Use
To Make Millions In
Direct Mail

Here is the simple four-step system we use to bring in millions of dollars with our direct mail. You can use these same steps:

1.Test new offers from the core of your customer base. Any promotion that doesn’t make a nice profit to your customer base is probably a loser. You should drop it and test something else.
2.Test offers to your best customers first. Your best customers must be separated from the rest. Always look for ways to segment your customer mailing list. Then test offers to this smaller group first. Your costs will be lower to mail to these people, which means you’ll have less risk
3.Then, fine-tune your offers and mail it to the rest of your customers. Start from the center of your customer base and test outward. Change and develop your sales material and offer as you go.
4.Begin testing your offer/sales material to the other mailing lists if you consistently make a nice profit to your customer base. Follow these simple steps. Let them be your money-making formula for creating new promotions. Go slowly. Only continue testing if you have made a nice profit to your customer base. This is the safest and most profitable money-making method we know of.

'There is an illusion that
has much to do with
most of our unhappiness.
We expect too much.'
-Joseph Farrell
'I can stand what I know.
It’s what I don’t
know that frightens me.'
-Frances Newton

The Fastest - Easiest –
And Cheapest Way To
Get FREE Ads!

LETTING DISTRIBUTORS SELL YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES is the fastest - easiest - and cheapest way to get FREE advertising. This is easier than you might think. Millions of people are interested in making extra money. These people can be reached by advertising in the money-making magazines or classified ad sections of many different publications. There are also plenty of good mailing lists available that reach these people. Just give them these things:

(1) A good product or service to sell.

(2) The sales material they can use immediately.

(3) Support and service.

Many people are constantly looking for new products and services to sell part time. They will spend their money on postage, printing, and advertising for you. All you have to do is focus your time on providing them with the three things above.

'Do not think of all
your anxieties, you
will only make
yourself ill.'
-Shih King
'If you are afraid for
your future, you don’t
have a present.'
-James Petersen

There Are Millions Of
Great Names You Can
Mail Your Offer To
- And Make A Small Fortune!

There are literally millions of names of people who have bought products from companies that cater to your market. Many companies find a list manager to manage their customer list and rent it to other marketers.

You already know what these people are interested in and what you can sell them based on their past purchases. A list that has a good reputation is inside information - you have a lot of information on those people before you mail your offer to them. This is insider information that can make you rich in direct mail!

'You have to have a dream
so you can get up in
the morning.'
-Billy Wilder
'The tragedy of life doesn’t
lie in not reaching your
goal. The tragedy lies in
having no goal to reach.'
-Benjamin Mays

Ensure That You Make
The Most Profits
You Possibly Can!

Having something that is popular is how to make sure you make the most profits possible. You have to study successful promotions that have been run by other companies in your market and pattern yourself after that.

Also, you should try to understand the main selling messages that are really working for other companies. What do the people in your market really want? What’s most important to them?

It’s all a game of solve the riddle. If you are able to do it and come up with the right combination of elements, not only have you solved the riddle, but also you can potentially use that information to get rich!

'There is one thing which
give radiance to everything.
It is the idea of
something around the corner.'
-G.K. Chesterton
'Lack of something to
feel important about
is almost the greatest
tragedy a man may have.'
-Charles C. Noble

Being Your Own Publisher
Can Make You Millions
Of Dollars - Just Like
It Has For Many Others!

Many Direct- and mail-order marketers have learned that self-publishing can be a very powerful route to success and profits.

It all starts with a specialized market, a group of people with something in common - an interest, a hobby, some reason these people are reading certain publications and ad placements.

You have to cater to those interests, to those wants and needs the market has. You have to let them know that you can offer them something special that no one else can offer them.

If you do this, you can find the success you’re looking for. Write around your market. Remember, it’s what they want that counts. Many marketers have made millions of dollars this way - and the same could happen for you!

'The true worth of a man
is to be measured by
the objects he pursues.'
-Marcus Aurelius
'A useless life is
an early death.'
-Johann von Goethe

Here Are Three Ways
To Get Your Own Super
Valuable Mailing List
That Could Make You Many
Thousands Of Dollars!

1. Purchased Lists are sold by brokers who have built the lists according to people’s buying habits. If you choose to go with a list broker, make sure to work with a reputable one.

2. Compiled Lists can be made by you or someone else using names from directories, records, newspapers, or other sources, and can be useful in sales to dealers.

3. Built Lists are made by you, using the names of people who responded to your advertising. These are useful for follow-up or repeat offers. You also may exchange lists with non-competitors.

'There is no happiness
except in the realization
that we have
accomplished something.'
-Henry Ford
'Strong lives are motivated
by dynamic purposes.'
-Kenneth Hildebrand

Benefits Are All Your
Prospects Will Care About —
Use This Knowledge To Create
The Best Products!

To get started in direct-response marketing, you must have a product to sell — not just any product, but one that people want and need. It must have a “User” benefit. Benefits sell a product.

You could write about your product’s durability, quality, value, cost, or dozens of other facts, and that will not pull as well as the one big user benefit. Benefits are how to instantly BOOST YOUR RESPONSE — AND MAKE MORE MONEY!

A reader first wants to know “how will this product benefit me?” Nothing else matters, not even the price. What matters is what the product does for the customer.

If the customer really believes that your product will do what you say it will, then they will be willing to pay for it. That’s why it doesn’t matter how much money you charge for your product or service. The anticipated benefits will make the reader inquire about an offer.

'On many of the great
issues of our time, men
have lacked wisdom
because they have
lacked courage.'
-William Benton
'Nothing is as valuable
to a man as courage.'
-Lyndon B. Johnson

They Might Have Lost
The Bidding, But He Has
What They Wanted, And
He’ll Sell It To Them!

His particular interest was antique furniture and the Disney collectibles that are so popular. First of all, he sat down and made a list of all the antique furniture dealers that he knew of in Southern California, all the Sunday swap meets, all the specialty dealers and collectors he knew, and over a period of time he visited all those people. He saw what they had, made notes, saw what they specialized in, what items they featured, and the kind of items they bought or received.

Remember, this was an area he was already interested in. And he put all that data into his computer and made a database to start to refer to. Then he started his weekly routine.

Every day, he gets up in the morning, sits down at the computer, and he goes to the auction. He sees, in the category that he is interested in, what people have put up for bid. He makes note of what the items are, and then he looks at his list, and he sees if he has anything like that on his list.

Then, in the afternoon, he goes shopping. He makes the rounds of the stores that he is familiar with, and the dealers, and he looks for the items he has seen placed on the auction sites.

'When the rock is hard,
we get harder than the
rock. When the job is
tough, we get tougher
than the job.'
-George Cullum, Sr.
'Always take an
emergency leisurely.'
-Chinese proverb

Now, he comes back, enters all this into his computer and keeps track of it. Then, when the auction closes, he knows what the top bidders are, what sold, but more importantly, he knows who the losing bidders were.

Now he contacts by e-mail every one of the losing bidders. He says, “I know you really want this item badly, and I have a similar item for sale. Would you be willing to pay what the top bidder paid for that item?” And time, and time, and time again, they say “absolutely.” He then goes to his dealer, picks up the item, or has it shipped to them.

He works it day in, day out, week in , week out. It has turned into a full time business for him. It has been so profitable, he has quit his professional job and he spends his entire time tracking the bids, going to the shops that he loves to go to, and finding duplicate items, because most of the stuff sold is not rare collectibles. Most of the stuff sold on the auctions had many thousands made, and particularly if you’re in a major market like Southern California, you can find those items in stores.

He can find enough similar and duplicate items that he is able to turn it into a full time business. But there is also a bonus because at the same time he is collecting names of people he knows has these particular interests. He knows what they are looking for.

So as he shops, and he comes across these items, he’ll contact previous bidders and say, “I know you bought such and such a lamp. You favor such and such kind of chairs, and I have such and such. What would you be willing to pay for it?” He plays both ends against the middle, selling to losers in auction bidding.

‘It is only by following
your deepest instinct that
you can lead a rich life.’
-Katharine Butler Hathaway
‘Instinct is the nose
of the mind.’
-Madame De Girardin

W-A-R-N-I-N-G! You Must
Do This Before Anyone
Will Buy Your Product!

In many cases, before we can get someone to purchase something, we have to convince them that they need to purchase it. We have to show them that there’s a real need for that product and they should buy it - that it fulfills some of their desires. In some cases, that can be difficult.

Instead of just trying to sell people on a product that they don’t realize they need, you need to educate your prospects first. W-A-R-N-I-N-G! You must do this before anyone will buy your product! Before you try to sell them on something, educate them as to WHY they need it.

In some cases, this can be the most powerful marketing technique you can have in your repertoire. And on the Internet, you have the real opportunity to do this in ways that you can’t do in print media or sales letters.

Now you have the opportunity not to give them a report, but an actual manual or guide or one-on-one instruction that lets them know, “Here’s a great opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about that opportunity. Now, here’s the offer that we’re giving you.” That’s a real power point in any marketing package!

'The ability to concentrate
and to use your time
well is everything.'
-Lee Iacocca
'It is only when I
dally with what I am
about, look back and aside,
instead of keeping my
eyes straight forward,
that I feel these cold
sinkings of the heart.'
-Sir Walter Scott

How To Compel People To
Open Your Outer Envelope
And Read Your Sales Letter!

You can have the best sales letter in the world that sells the best product on the earth, but if people don’t open your envelope and read the letter, they will never have the chance to buy your product.

People are always bombarded with this offer and that offer. That is why most “junk mail” gets thrown in the trash - even before it’s opened! Your envelope must stand out and force the reader to open it and read what’s inside!

You can compel people to open your outer envelope by putting what is called “teaser copy” on the envelope! Teaser copy is simply a phrase or sentence that gives people just barely enough information to make them want to open the envelope!

You must be careful and not give too much away. If you say too much, the reader will immediately assume they know it all and will throw it away! So, you must be careful what you say in the teaser copy. Here are a few samples:

•Here’s Something Worth Checking Out...
•FREE 30-DAY TRIAL....Details Inside
•Time-Dated Material....Open Immediately
•You May Have Already Won...
•Open Immediately For Free Gift...
•For My Best Customers Only!
•Private - For Addressee Only!
•Inside: Your Money-Making Information!
•The list could go on...
You get the idea! There are hundreds of different “teasers” you can use to get customers to open your envelope. It would be a good idea if you tested several different ones to see which ones get you more orders!

‘Do not blame anybody for
your mistakes and failures.’
-Bernard M. Baruch
‘Learn to see in
another’s calamity the
ills which you should avoid.’
- Publilius Syrus

Four Ways To Write
Headlines That Can Make
You Hundreds Or Thousands
Of Dollars A Year!

Headlines are the most important part of your sales letter. If you can’t draw your prospect in with your headline, you won’t get them to read your sales letter! So, you must have a headline that grabs the reader’s attention and forces them to read what you have to say!

It is fortunate for those of us in the business that headlines are so important because it just so happens that they are one of the easiest things to change and test. If you had to constantly test different sales letters, that would take you a very long time. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to create a sales letter.

But, a headline can be written in seconds. You can literally write hundreds of headlines in a day. You can throw out the ones that don’t sound right, and test only the absolute best ones!

Also, a lot of times a headline can simply be cut and pasted so that you don’t even have to change the first page of your sales letter. This makes testing headlines one of the cheapest, but most effective ways to test.And, if you find a headline that is a hit, it could spell instant success for you!

Here are the four ways to write headlines that really draw the reader to your sales letter:

‘Concern (Problems) should
drive us into action,
not into a depression.’
-Karen Horney
‘Worry is evidence
of an ill-controlled
brain; it is merely
a stupid waste of time
in unpleasantness. If men
and women practiced mental
calisthenics as they do
physical calisthenics,
they would purge their brains
of this foolishness.’
- Arnold Bennett

1) Try to appeal to a prospect’s self-interest in every headline you write.

Your headline absolutely must tell the reader that you are offering them something that they really want and need. A self-interest benefit must be offered in your headline. Whenever you write a headline, ask yourself “How will this headline benefit the reader?” If you can’t think of a way, then trash that headline and write another one!

2) Don’t just try to arouse curiosity by itself in the headline statement.

In order to get the most response from your headline, you cannot just arouse curiosity in the reader. That will only do so much. You must combine curiosity with self-interest and benefits! The customer knows you are trying to sell them something, so curiosity by itself is not going to make them fork over the wallets!

3) Never interject the negative side of an offer in your headline.

Never use words that people could take as negative. For example, don’t ever say “My plan has made a few people rich.” Instead, say, “My plan can make you rich!” Also, never say something like “A small amount of my customers will get rich...”

‘He who hesitates – splat!’
‘Character is what your
soul would look like if
it were on the outside.

Overall, tell the customer what you will do for them. Use lots of “you’s” in the copy. If you can, make your headline talk directly to them.

4) Make your offer a quick and easy way for the reader to get what he or she wants.

If you have really honestly found a way for your customer to make $1,000 a week, you need to tell them about it. But, make sure your headline sounds believable. Don’t stretch the truth just to get more people to read your sales letter.

These four things will help you write killer headlines! Even if you don’t have a product, you can practice writing headlines. Write about anything. Make something up. By practicing, you will soon pick up on ways you can turn your headlines into sales over and over again!

'I long to accomplish a
great and noble task, but
it is my chief duty to accomplish
small tasks as if they
were great and noble.'
-Helen Keller
'I cannot do everything,
but still I can
do something; and because
I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse
to do something I can do.'
-Edward Everett Hale

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